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Roller Shutters

Thanks to the different box shapes, nova front-mounted roller blinds from HELLA perfectly match with the architecture of a building. Because the intelligent technology is hidden in remarkable small boxes, the front-mounted roller shutter is not visible from the interior. The installation is extremely easy: For a self-supporting installation the boxes are directly put onto the guide rails. Perfect darkening, optimum view-, glare and sun protection as well as the protection against the weather, heat and cold are a given for the models of the nova product line and their various design features.

Roller shutter and glass

Nova front-mounted roller shutter extruded

Max width: 3500mm
Max height: 4000mm

Nova front-mounted roller shutter extruded – solar package

Max width: 3500mm
Max height: 4000mm

Nova front-mounted roller shutter extruded – Top-safe

Max width: 2500mm
Max height: 3000mm

Available roller shutter profiles


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