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Insect Screens

Experience seamless insect protection with our versatile pergola solutions. Our pleated insect screens feature a low bottom running rail for easy cleaning and passage, with recessed handles on both sides for effortless regulation. HELLA insect screen frames offer nearly invisible and integrated protection, fitting all standard openings with easy installation and customizable options. Roller screens provide uncompromising insect defense with integrated brushes and swift opening/closing mechanisms. Light shaft covers ensure year-round protection against leaves, rodents, and insects, with options for screw fastening for seasonal use.

Pleated insect screen ISPL18

Max width: 2200mm
Max height: 2850mm

Insect screen – Clamping frame ISR

Max width: 2300mm
Max height: 2300mm

Insect screen – Swing frame ISD

Max width: 3000mm
Max height: 2850mm

Insect screen – Slide frame IST

Max width: 4000mm
Max height: 2500mm

Insect screen – Pendulum frame PT

Max width: 2400mm
Max height: 2600mm

Insect roller screen IS13

Max width: 2200mm
Max height: 2800mm

Light shaft cover LA

Max width: 2000mm

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